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Sweden is globally renowned for achieving a remarkable equilibrium between high standards of living and sustainable development. This adventure gives students the opportunity to study first-hand how their holistic approach is able to balance the aspirations of its people with the need to safeguard the planet for future generations. There is an opportunity to study the macro economic policies of the Swedish Government as well as look at the behaviours of individual firms and consumers to understand the Swedish way. There are a variety of environmental practices to examine, including green energy and the circular economy.



This adventure offers possibilities to study how economic policies and practices promote sustainable development. There are also numerous opportunities to examine environmental aspects such as green energy, biodiversity preservation and the circular economy.


Stockholm presents an outstanding opportunity for students of economics to help understand the theory behind the country’s benchmark approach to resource management. Hearing from local experts and interacting with the local community will provide students with an authentic insight into Swedish society.

Swedish projects tend to be well supported and as such their need for help is lower than in other countries. Regardless, we aim to give students access to service work projects to enable them to experience how they make a difference in sustainable development.


Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is a captivating blend of historical charm, modern innovation, and natural beauty. Stockholm is easily accessed with direct flights from a number of different airlines.

A visit to the Stockholm School of Economics and the Swedish Parliament will introduce the students to the macro-economic approach to sustainable resource management. Sweden's progressive policies have fostered a culture of innovation and responsible consumption, resulting in a society that values both economic prosperity and environmental well-being. The trip can include a local expert talk on the Swedish economy and its policy making. The Nobel museum also offers the chance to learn about the Nobel Prize and its implications.


Students will be able to spend a day finding out the role individual companies play in the push for sustainability whilst driving their own efficiency. A trip to a major corporation such as Scania or Ikea can be combined with a study on how small enterprises also lead the way in green initiatives.

mICRO ECONOMIC behaviour

As well as having the opportunity to observe consumer behaviour in the old town and commercial district of Stockholm we will create opportunities for students to interact with the local population. We can help set up a connection with a local school in Sweden and creaste an opportunity for students to interact.

INdividual firms behaviour

consumer behaviour


The Stockholm Archipelago is a unique and fragile ecosystem consisting of thousands of islands. Students will be able to study the challenges of balancing the preservation of biodiversity with the growth of tourism.

Sweden has made significant strides in the transition to renewable energy and reducing its carbon emissions. It is possible to visit the renewable energy facilities such as wind farms or hydropower

Students can explore waste-to-energy facilities and recycling centers to understand how Sweden manages its waste sustainably. They can study Sweden's circular economy initiatives and policies.

Stockholm is a captivating blend of historical charm, modern innovation, and natural beauty. Nestled across 14 islands in the Baltic Sea, Stockholm offers a unique and picturesque urban experience. From its captivating history to its forward-thinking ethos, Stockholm offers a unique experience and a thought-provoking insight into how a country manages its resources.



Stockholm offers a diverse range of accommodations to cater to various budgets, making it an ideal destination for school trips with different financial considerations.

Food & Drink

Stockholm has cuisine from all over the world. There will be opportunities to eat traditional, local sourced Swedish meals such as Raggmunk, Gravad Lax and Blabarssoppa.


Onsite recreation will depend on the choice of accommodation. Students can explore the old town, Gamla Stan, visit a number of world-class museums or enjoy the beautiful parks and gardens within the city.

Optional Extras

The city offers the opportunity to visit the Nobel or Vasa Museum. There are also plenty of water-based activities available on the archipelago.

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