Northern Sulawesi is a hotspot of biodiversity and it provides the opportunity to study at first hand the work of Dr. Willie Smits and the Masarang Foundation.

Students will have the opportunity to study the rainforest regeneration work taking place, along with the conservation of the marine ecology of the region. This adventure is based at the Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre which sits in beautiful tropical surroundings overlooking the sea and the Lembeh Straits. The rescue centre is the focal point of the student service work.



The Masarang Foundation's work encompasses a holistic and integrated approach to conservation and sustainability. On this adventure, students will see how they address the challenges of wildlife protection, habitat restoration, sustainable livelihoods, and environmental education.


The hands-on educational experience in a real-life conservation setting can be transformative and enriching. Students will learn about sustainable practices in agroforestry & waste management and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of wildlife conservation and the challenges faced by endangered species.

Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre is the main focus of the service work for this trip. Here the students will engage in a variety of activities including creating enrichment activities for the animals, participating in the reforestation and turtle conservation projects.


Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre in Sulawesi can be found on one of the four main islands of Indonesia. It is located on the North of the Island, 40km from Manado International Airport.

From the UK most flights will connect via Singapore or Jakarta, then onto Manado.

The Masarang Foundation's rainforest project aims to boost the biodiversity within Indonesia and combat the mass deforestation in the country. Students will take a jungle trek to Masarang Mountain to see the results of the project. They will also have hands-on experience with seeding, composting, and planting new forests.


The Temboan beach project aims to protect the coral reefs and habitat of the leatherback and other sea turtles. There are research possibilities in both the coral and seagrass ecosystems in the region. Students also have the opportunity to take a snorkeling trip in the Bunakan Marine Park.

brown turtle swimming underwater
brown turtle swimming underwater


Tasikoki works diligently to combat the trade in wild animals. By confiscating illegally traded animals, and providing much-needed care, they strive to rehabilitate these animals back into the wild wherever possible. This provides the main focus for the service work that students carry out on the trip. They will help forage for food and create enrichment activities for the animals.


Masarang has a sustainable design solution that includes a sugar palm zero-waste production process. The work caters to the needs of the local population so that they in turn care for the forest. Students will get a full tour of the zero-waste sugar palm factory as well as the chance to meet a sugar palm tapper in the jungle.


The Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre is located in the Coral Triangle, a hotspot for marine biodiversity. Within walking distance, the centre has access to its own kilometre-long beach complete with a coral reef. The Centre is home to a multitude of creatures including the famous Tarsier one of the world's smallest primates. There are over 400 rescued wildlife residents including some of Sulawesi's most threatened and endangered species such as the Black Crested Macaque, the Barbirusa Deer Pig, and the Sulawesi Coscos Bear.



The Eco-lodge at Tasikoki operates as the base for this adventure. It can accommodate up to 24 students in dormitory rooms with separate ensuite rooms available for staff. All rooms have private balconies with views over the Lembeh Straights.

Food & Drink

The restaurant at the Eco-lodge serves delicious vegetarian food. The centre provides healthy snacks throughout the day alongside the regular meals, making sure the students have lots of energy for their service work.


The Eco-lodge is in a secure and secluded location. This means that it is incredibly safe. There is plenty of space to relax after the busy days. BBQ's and Karaoke can be arranged in the evenings. It is also a great space for some old school card and board games.

Optional Extras

We work with you to tailor the tour to suit your needs. There is plenty of scope to adapt the trip to your particular requirements. Other activities that could be included are visiting the Mahawu volcano and a visit to a traditional village in Rurukan.

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