We aspire to make a positive impact on the sustainability of our planet through our long-term connections with our project providers as well as making links with local projects in the students' own communities. Our learning outcomes are geared towards sustainable development and the carbon offset plan will see students commit to taking responsibility for their actions.

Sustainability Commitments
  • Sustainable development provides the key theme to all our adventures

  • We select project partners whose work is dedicated to sustainable development

  • We collaborate with our partners over the long term

  • We use locally based service providers who employ local people

  • We help develop learning outcomes that are focused on sustainability

  • We encourage schools and students to establish long-term partnerships

  • We help link schools and students to linked projects in their own communities

  • We review our own practices to ensure we consider any environmental impact

Carbon Offset Action Plans

The carbon footprint of our trips cannot be ignored. We can help all students who become Red Kite Adventurers, commit to an action plan to offset the footprint of their trip using tools such as the WWF 'My Footprint' App.

Local Action Possibilities

We can help students and schools make connections with service work closer to home. This can allow more of the school community to be involved with the sustainable development work. It should also provide a platform for those who take part in the trip to make a difference in their own communities.

Our Sustainability Actions

Where possible we work with local service and project providers. We prefer to use local guides as they provide authentic context whilst also saving the footprint of sending overseas guides. Our itineraries seek eco-friendly accommodation with low-impact travel options. Where possible we use local, sustainably sourced food and limit the use of plastics. We endeavor to organise smaller group trips to minimise the impact on the local ecosystems and communities.