Red Kite Adventures offers students unique and enriching learning opportunities that go beyond traditional classroom experiences. They will engage with hands-on projects that enable the application of their knowledge and skills directly, with a tangible impact. Interactions with local communities and experts will provide an authentic context for understanding the complexity of sustainability issues at a local and global scale.

Learning Opportunities
  • Experience Sustainability in Action

  • Understanding Local and Global Challenges

  • Interacting with Experts and Communities

  • Engaging in Hands-on Projects

  • Learning about Sustainable Solutions

  • Cultivating Environmental Stewardship

  • Promoting Cultural Awareness

  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills

  • Fostering Teamwork and Communication

  • Reflecting on Personal Values

Transdisciplinary Learning

The adventures deal with issues and solutions that are transdisciplinary in nature. The sustainability concept is the main theme of all of our adventures. Other concept-led learning outcomes could include interconnectedness, systems thinking, or social equity to name just a few. The trips would also make an exceptional part of any service learning programme.

Subject Based Learning

There is plenty of scope to tailor the learning outcomes of the trips to specific subject areas and topics. Geography, Biology, Economics, and Environmental Systems are obvious examples but by no means the only relevant subjects. We can work together to prioritise the learning outcomes to suit your students.

Adventures to fit all programmes

Individual students could use the trips as a source of inspiration and research for any projects such as A-level Extended Projects or the IB Extended Essay.

The trips all align with the IB philosophy and their CAS programme. The trip itself is a CAS experience but students could turn it into a CAS project if they expanded their connection to the projects beyond the trip itself.

Our adventures can provide authentic context for sustainability related units in vocational courses such as the Agriculture, Land Management and Production T Level or BTEC Forestry & Arboriculture.